While a year passed by...

Its been almost a year since i penned down my last post...long time eh????
Long time indeed and perhaps the most happening year of my life...well not my life alone but most of my other contemporary friends. After a year, I am back with many differences in me,a year full of experiences in my kitty!!
The last year has added a whole new dimension to my life, it has opened up several new avenues for me. Firstly, the biggest transition of my life, the journey from school to college was accomplished!!!
The freedom!!!
The oportunities!!!
The responsibilities!!!
The feeling of being self dependent!!!
The feeling of being a Man!!!

Well, being in college instills in us an amazing feeling and being in one of the best colleges in the region fills me up with a sense of pride. The lacking "female quotient" of the college being dissapointing is a kind of drawback but other prospects generously fill up the void.

College has brought me out of the "elite" class education system of estemeed schools of the city and put me amidst students from the various corners of the society.It has taught me what the society is, its not all about "elite" groups but about gelling well people of all types and becoming a part of them without making people aware of what your past is, good or bad, elite or middle class...irrespective of everything, we have become one...humans, the basic identity.

Well., my point of view might seem a bit snobbish to many people, but these feelings are right from the heart, exactly what i felt, blame it on my background or my narrow mindedness...i cant care less...

A new lot of friends, new ideas, new sentiments, new feelings, the old seeming  more distant and springing up new differences...not that i detest the old but perhaps i have realised the greatest truth of life..."change is the only constant in life...".

The change of thoughts, the change of opinions, the growing maturity,the diversity in thinking and the overall gain in experience is what I have gained from the last one year and truly I couldnt have asked for more.


Anonymous said...

Yes everbody is feeling the same way u r.

arijit said...

thats the lifestyle now...change!

GrEeN said...

knock knock
who's dere?
gorai who??
Arijit Gorai!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome bakkk

Sum1 said...

Welcum bakkk
the writings as crisp as it was previously
n da thoughts r reflected as it used 2
waitin 4 da sequel
keep it on :)

arijit said...

hang on...it will be thr soon!!

Arunava said...

gorai has returned

well i cudnt help but agree to what this tusky has 2 say....

college is like a whole new world...
watch out or u may loose u're way...

Shreyasi said...

JU has made me immensely lazy,partly because of the omnipresent 'lyadh' factor and secondly as it's just a 3 minutes walkaway from my place.Apart from that and a few other aspects,JU is nice.

GrEeN said...

The freedom!!!
The oportunities!!!
The responsibilities!!!
The feeling of being self dependent!!!
The feeling of being a Man!!!

kiddo GROW UP

arijit said...

"get lost"

arijit said...
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