My EQ is 147

50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!
51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese.
71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely.
91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that.
111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.
131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.
150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.




Bruce Dickinson
Dave Murray
Adrian Smith
Janick Gers
Steve Harris
Nicko McBrain

Since a lot have been written by some fellow blogger about iron maiden, its time I wrote something in this topic.

IRON MAIDEN, formed in1975, is one of the most successful and influential bands in the heavy metal genre, selling over 70 million albums world-wide. Iron Maiden has so far released 13 studio albums (with number 14 due out this September), four 'best of' compilations, nine live albums, and four boxed sets. They won the Ivor Novello Award for international achievement in 2000.

Iron Maiden has achieved international fame with its distinctive style. Their blend of heavy metal, highly melodic riffs and intelligent lyrics has become instantly recognizable. The band is also renowned for their down to earth and genuine approach towards their music, their impressive and energetic stage shows and their openness and dedication towards their fans.

Though most well known for their awesome song "FEAR OF THE DARK", this band has produced some really good songs like BLOOD BROTHERS which remains my all time favourites.

Here is one of my favourite songs of this band>>>>> DREAM OF MIRRORS<<<<<>

Here goes the awesome lyrics >>>>>

iron maiden lyrics

song lyrics

Those who have not heard the song, please hear it. I bet you will like it. If you dont have the song, get it downloaded from>>>>


Check The Time....

Buying An Hour...

A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year-old son waiting for him at the door...

Son: "Daddy, may I ask you a question"

Daddy: "Yeah sure, what it is?"

Son: "Dad, how much do you make an hour"

Daddy: "That's none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?"

Son: "I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?"

Daddy: "I make Rs. 500 an hour"

"Oh", the little boy replied, with his head down.

Looking up, he said, "Dad, may I please borrow Rs. 300?"

The father was furious,
"if the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some moneyto buy a silly toy or other nonsense, then march yourself to your room and go to bed.Think why you are being so selfish. I work hard everyday for such this childish behavior"

The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door.

The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy's questions.How dare he ask such questions only to get some money?After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down,and started to think:"May be there was something he really needed to buy with thatRs. 300 and he really didn't ask for money very often!"

The man went to the door of little boy's room and opened the door.

"Are you asleep, son?" He asked.

"No daddy, I'm awake," replied the boy.

"I've been thinking, may be I was too hard on you earlier", said the man,"It's been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you.Here's the Rs.300 you asked for"

The little boy sat straight up, smiling "oh thank you dad!" He yelled.

Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled some crippled up notes.The man, seeing that the boy already had money, started to get angry again.

The little boy slowly counted out his money, then looked up at his father.

"Why do you want money if you already had some?" the father grumbled.

"Because I didn't have enough, but now I do," the little boy replied.

"Daddy I have Rs. 500 now. Can I buy an hour of your time?Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you."

[P.S.: The story has not been written by me. I read the story somewhere and found that it is a truism, so got it published here.]

Tell me Sumthing.........

Why are looks so decieving?? Why do we happen to judge a person by our first encounter with him/her and then seem to interact with him/her according to that and finally when we come to know the person more and more, we find that are mistaken???
Maybe this is the law of the universe or the human nature, but whatever it may be, it is applicable in every walk of our life.
It often happens that we are a bit too much infatuated by someone's outer appearance or show and start thinking the world about him/her. Finally when we realise the void inside the person, we are disillusioned. This incident leaves us in such a state that we often stop trusting anyone else, with a faint hope lingering in our minds that someday that person may come up to our expectations and justify our feelings.

But it never happens.
Someone has rightly said " The Modern World worships only three Gods, I, Me and Myself." No one thinks about others. No one care for anyone or anything else other than their ownself and their commercial interests.
The poor, unthinking human heart never seems to realise this. As Rabindranath Tagore puts it "Error will not go away, logic and reason are slow to penetrate. We cling with both arms to false hope, refusing to believe the weightiest proofs against it, embracing it with all our strength. In the end it escapes, ripping our veins and draining our heart's blood; until, regaining consciousness, we rush to fall into snares of delusion all over again."
Sometimes it is just the opposite. We seem to take people too much for granted.
However in this way we are often deprived of some of our greatest friends in life. We never realise that the person whom we have a not-so-good opinion about can be really the person we were waiting for. We tend to avoid that person and never try to understand him/her properly.
Some people believe that everyone is destined in this world and has another person who has been sent to this earth for him/her. I dont know how much true this is but all of us need someone to care for and be cared by in life. However it is for us to find that right person out, we cant expect that person to come and knock at our door and say "Dear Sir/ Madam, I am the one made for you." We are supposed to find out him/her from the innumerable people we happen to encounter everyday.
However, because of our taking people for granted, we never seem to realise when this person, we are waiting for, walks into our life and when he went away. When we finally realised that, its often too late to do anything. We have already lost him/her and our life seems to be drowned in a deep valley of darkness.
Human realationships are one of the most complex things in this world and it is often beyond our capability to understand them.
So let them take what course they want to take????
Obviously NO.
There is something we can do about it....
I have realised that the best way to deal with this is to perhaps follow this...
Never take someone for granted,
Hold every person close to your heart
because you might wake up one day
and realize that you've lost a diamond,
While you were busy collecting stones......

Hope you people find out what you should follow before things get worse...............
So long........ENJOY !!!!

The Stranger...

A stranger came to the door at eve,
And he spoke to the bridegroom fair.
He bore a green-white stick in his hand,
And, for all burden, care.
He asked with the eyes more than the lips
For a shelter for the night,
And he turned and looked at the road afar
Without a window light.
The bridegroom came forth into the porch
With, "Let us look at the sky,
And question what of the night to be,
Stranger, you and I.
"The woodbine leaves littered the yard,
The woodbine berries were blue,
Autumn, yes, winter was in the wind;
"Stranger, I wish I knew."
Within, the bride in the dusk alone
Bent over the open fire,
Her face rose-red with the glowing coal
And the thought of the heart's desire.
The bridegroom looked at the weary road,
Yet saw but her within,
And wished her heart in a case of gold
And pinned with a silver pin.
The bridegroom thought it little to give
A dole of bread, a purse,
A heartfelt prayer for the poor of God,
Or for the rich a curse;
But whether or not a man was asked
To mar the love of two
By harboring woe in the bridal house,
The bridegroom wished he knew.


Love at the lips was touch
As sweet as I could bear;
And once that seemed too much;
I lived on air.

That crossed me from sweet things,
The flow of - was it musk
From hidden grapevine springs
Down hill at dusk?

I had the swirl and ache
From sprays of honeysuckle
That when they re gathered shake
Dew on the knuckle.

I craved strong sweets, but those
Seemed strong when I was young;
The petal of the rose
It was that stung.

Now no joy but lacks salt
That is not dashed with pain
And weariness and fault;
I crave the stain.

Of tears, the aftermark
Of almost too much love,
The sweet of bitter bark
And burning clove.

When stiff and sore and scarred
I take away my hand
From leaning on it hard
In grass and sand.

The hurt is not enough:
I long for weight and strength
To feel the earth as rough
To all my length.

Life, a Test????? OR Tests, Life?????

As we are drawing near the reopening of our schools, the heat is increasing coupled with the excitement of the football world cup which is only a few hours away. Matters are turning for worse with Maria Sharapova crashing out of the French Open because of clay blues.Nicole Vaidisova, the new babe of the tennis world is proving to be too "HOT" for both the opponents as well as for the spectators. This 17 yr old blonde is surely gonna give Sharapova a run for her fame. The Men In Blue has, after a dismal performance in the shorter version of the game, proved their worth in the longer version. LEMON MIRCHI, the latest fashion statement from Pantaloons for the summers is rocking!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok Ok Ok...... that was a bit how the world around me is going on. My life is crooning the same old monophonic ringtone....

Organic Chemistry is getting tougher. The ketones and aldehydes are screwing my already screwed-up brain. As such this organic chemistry does not get into my head and now with the recent incidents, concerning this subject, has developed a distaste for the subject itself, if not studies altogether.

A couple of week earlier, our "Beloved" Gautam Das, with his sub-standard Xeroxed papers, encrypted with Egyptian inscriptions (representing organic molecules), made an earnest effort to grill our asses with the longest available AFRICAN BAMBOOS.

Then Doctor Supriyo Ghosh, the genius of his own kind, the man with the famous "Amra ......" philosophy, made a befitting follow through, garnishing the egyptian dish with Spanish spices and Mexican salads (courtesy: Olive Sen ), injuring our already-wounded asses even before they could heal. This man took two tests in two consecutive weeks and both the tests sucked a good time.

By my previous experiences abt GD's tests, I had developed a kind of mental shock absorber which helped me not to give a damn to these tests. Basically, I feel that Gd's tests are complete time wastes coz all the man intends to assess is nt how much you know but how much you dont. His question papers are nothin but an exhibition of the man's weird knowledge and an index to what is gonna be taught in the future in his classes as the stuffs asked by him in tests are taught by him later. So I have developed my own ways of handling his tests. Here they go......

1. Dont think abt the test as a test bcos they are not. Think them as compulsory time waste.
2. Stay cool and dont take chaap.
3. Dont try to study too hard for the test bcos in any case you simply cannnot do well. The man will always ask stuffs you dont know and even if you think you know them, the original answer is just the opposite of wat you think.
4. Revise your basics, atleast this will help in other tests.
5. During the exam, answer all you can quickly and get the hell out of the room as soon as possible.
6. After that enjoy a splendid chicken roll and coke.
7. If you have got a lot of time after the test, you can enjoy the latest bollywood flick at NAVINA, and if you are lucky enough to possess an original PAAPI MON, then Bhavani Cinemas is the place you need.
8. Or else if you are too frustrated with the test and your eyes are tired with the EYESORES in the room, take the next metro n go to Park Street n bindaas........
9. Have a good time with your frnds but dont discuss abt the test.
10. Dont ever think abt the marks u gonna score, coz you will get them after 6 months. (GD is the lazier than ME!!!!!!!!!!! )

That goes with GD's tests, but Supriyo Ghosh??????

This man always took realistic tests which helped us a lot. Obviously they were difficult and you cannot expect lollipops if you are an IIT aspirant.

But what the hell is wrong with him now???????? Why has he all of a sudden developed an insatiable desire to prove that we are underperformers?????

His tests are also becoming unrealistic. Last month he delivered an awfully difficult physics paper and even though I solved one of the sums by some weird means, he didnt give me marks!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't Ritam Roychoudhury say, "Everything is fair in love, war and MCQ competitive examinations"?????

So why the hell was I refused marks when I got my answer all ryt??????????

Now his "Amra enechi....." formula is the root of all problems.

Suddenly this man decides he is gonna take Maths and Chemistry tests also.
Ok. Fine. No problem. But......

Then enter OLIVE SEN.
Supriyo Ghosh's HOME PRODUCTION, 'ex-student', curerently in IIT.

This dude gets the responsibility of making question papers and the result--- another couple of BAMBOOS !!!!!!!!!!!!


What the hell is your god damned problem, Sir?????? Have some lack in life???????? Obviously, I agree that IITs arent the best place to have girlfrnds but that doesnt mean you gotta open the safety valve of your life's frustration on us. And if you have such an insatiable desire to show your IIT knowledge, try them against ppl of your own callibre. Why the fu** are you bent on proving us underdogs???????????

The worse thing abt the whole story is that if you are happy that your nightmares are already over, then for your kind information, there are more tests coming up.


This is taxing my brains too much. Heard about "Life is a test, ...." , but this is the opposite "Tests are life..".

Only if I could bunk all this....
n follow...

" Goli maro duniya ko, Khush raho na yaar.....",


only if.........Sharapova or may be Vaidisova....... ;-)

but CRAP,

like the asymptotes of a hyperbola..

" Fantasy and Reality,
Meet only at infinity".

Till then....... EYESORES,school, Supriyo, GD, Ritam, FIITJEE and exams, exams n exams...............

The Summer Holidays.....

The Summer Hols are half through, the weather is now quite fine with the cloudy sky hiding the sunny sun like umbrellas and giving us some relief. The monsoons are approaching and we all hope that they turn up soon.

Well, around 20 days have passed by since the school has been closed, and what have I done all these days????? Absolutely nothing, I mean nothing thats worth mentioning. When the school closed, I, like every other guy who want do well in academics, had great plans. " I will DO this , I will DO that. I will complete my syllabus" and all such crap. Huh, wats wrong in making plans??? Everyone makes plans, some turn them into reality, some dont. I am currently belonging to the later group. Its not that I am too lazy to do it or I am preoccupied with sumthin else but you know as the saying goes... " Man Proposes, God Disposes". Hey man, wait. Why the hell am I blaming it on God???? I got my guts all right to own up. So lets put it as " I Propose, I Dispose". Confused????? Well I guess even I am. Actually the fact is that every morning when I get up, I think that I will complete these chapters today, do this many sums n stuff. However as I sit down with my books, all sorts of stupid thoughts start flooding my mind and the stuffs written on the books in front of me, like a sinking ship are drowned in the incessant high tide of worthless thoughts. At last I end up sitting long hours with my books in front but the nett result is a BIG ZERO. Some ppl believe that studying at late nite helps a lot, when everything is peaceful n you can concentrate better, but that doesnt work with me. All I feel like doing after dinner is to sleep n nothin else. I didnt study till late nite even before my ICSE history exam, so wats the great deal now??? I simply cant do it, times I have tried it I always ended up falling asleep with the lights on and books opened. Perhaps some habbits lie too deep to be changed. So you get my point??? Practically I have wasted all my days these hols n I really dont know how I to cope up. My problem is too big for me to solve, if anyone has a solution pls let me know.
Last Saturday, I went to forum with some of my frnds. It was a spl. occassion n we were celebrating it there. It was really nice to be back with frnds after a long time. We actually went there to watch the movie "POSEIDON". The MOVIE was NOT BAD but the POPCORN was BETTER. But when you have original " PAAPI MON "s both on-screen n off-screen, you cannot but enjoy it in the DB way.
Well the most funniest part of the day was when a frnd of mine unexpectedly turned up there, much to our surprise. Oh MAN!! You should have seen the fear stricken reaction of another frnd of mine on seeing that person. I bet both of them will know who they are if they are reading this. I have nuthin to do with the problem they have with each other but certainly I had a hard time stopping myself from Laughing Out Loud.
Frankly speaking, that day I felt as if I was a bird out of cage or rather like a prisoner out of jail. Now dont get me wrong. I certainly dont say that my house is a jail or a cage but I mean that my life during the hols has been like prisoners, only rotting with books. That was a nice day out breaking the drab lifestyle I had become used to. Moreover when you go to places like forum, you always have some candies for your eyes. Perhaps you kno wat I mean. Yeah, it was really pleasant to look at babes after a long time( there were only a few though). Having restricted myself only to tution n back home, I really didnt get much oppurtunity to look at girls all this hols and those female students ( Yeah; I call them females n nt girls, certainly u got to be atleast a bit gud luking to justify the word 'girl') in my tutions are nothing but "eyesores". I bet if I put their pictures in my EVE project, I will get full marks!!!!!!! The monotonicity of my eyes of seeing those poor stuffs is like that polynomial function of degree 'n' which has its maxima at infinity and is continuous over the closed interval of the summer hols with last saturday as the only non-removable discontinuity. WOW!!!!!! Rolles' Theorem is showing its effect on me, I AM SPEAKING CALCULUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My life, this summer hols, has been like a journey through a hot n dusty desert on a camel's back with jolts n jerks. Last Saturday was just an oasis to pass by n I am eagerly hoping the next one comes up soon.

Hey Guys n Gals.....

Most of my friends are into this latest craze of blogging. Some of them wanted me to join in but I had been refraining from this all the time. Now here I am with my own personal blog, all set to express my ideas n feelings with the world.

A special name worth mentioning in this respect, ANSHUMAN DIDWANIA.This guy actually drove the idea of blogging into me, calling me "LAZY" n stuffs for nt writing. Hey man...THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!