Lost In Love...

[ Arijit here...i claim no originality for the post scribbled below...its been quoted from a story "Unreciprocated Love" by a person called "Sharon"...

This post is meant for some special people who need to learn something...nothing personal described..as i said..it is quoted...
only to show the greatness of the original author..]

“You'll never know how you make me feel, for I'll never tell.

You'll never know that when I'm with you I'm transformed into someone
else, someone powerless who feels like she's drowning and can't save
herself from the lure of you.

I don’t know what that allure is that you possess, that affects me so. I
only know that the blood races through my veins, transporting some sort
of drug to my head, making me lightheaded but at peace.

When you take me in your arms, it's like I melt into you, all reason and
sense of time foregone until you leave.

Then I'm walking on air, your presence not so far away, the taste of
your kisses still on my lips.

Yet I know I wont be at peace for long, as your absence reminds me that this love is unreciprocated. I only pass through your thoughts, don’t consume them like you do mine. Sweet torture is not far away, the wave of nausea inside if you were to tell me that I was not what you needed. I would rather not hear those words, for I can pretend in delicious moments that you feel the same way and that your loving
caresses need no words to confirm that you love me wholly and
unconditionally, the way I do you.

Is it love I'm feeling, for what is love? Is it exclusive to those who have weathered the years and the turmoil together? Is it the safe togetherness two people acquire amidst a life of domesticity? Or is it simpler? Can someone completely take over your being in an instant and there is nothing you can do?

To me it is the knowledge that nothing you could do or say would relinquish this hold you have over me.

You have been scruffy and unkempt and it made me want you just the same.
Now that must be love.

Yet I know you can never feel this way about me. I know that as time goes by the pain will only get stronger, my defenses, already weak, become weaker.

Still, I'll never tell you.

I wonder if you already know.....””

P.S.: some parts of the quoted text have been ommitted for some undisclosed reasons...

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Xcalibre said...

beshi hocche sala? ja likhechis bara mane bujhte parish gandu? lebu cho sala....chom chom chire debo tomar...eshob baal likho na