once again!

Its happening all over again!

Once again, just what I had not wanted to happen anymore!

I cant believe its happening to me again!

The same old cluttered mind, the same mixed emotions, the clash of egos, the fight of dilemmas, the sweetness, the bitterness, the excitement, the emptiness, the loneliness...its all coming back....

I hate it
I love it
Its perplexing
Its enlightening
It makes me sad
It makes me happy
Its a roller coaster ride!
Its fun!


Diya said...

AGAIN...? Don't, you know how it is na...! ha ha, You portrayed your phases of feelings very well... Very well done...!Best of luck for the roller coaster ride, hope you don't get too drained when itz over, lol.:P Again..! ha ha :)

arijit said...


Soulreaver said...

and its not WET SOIL after all :(

arijit said...

wat does that mean??!!!

Diya said...

He he, @ Soureaver
You clicked dude :P
@ Arijit
Not my fault--- u dint understand. :P ;)

arijit said...

was i supposed to understand???
u guys making me confused!

Arunava said...

whom r u talking about??
Another SB case???

arijit said...

why SB again?!!!
do u even know anything else??!!

divsi said...

arijit! lovely poem!:) the value of a win is known ONLY afta u lose!:)